Holy Spirit: Week 2 - Devotion 1

Today’s devotion is simple. 

Your Bible study leader had the option of having you take a card (or some other way of recording your thoughts) and to write one of the roles of the Holy Spirit on it. Did you do it? If so, find your card. It's OK. You can have a minute to dig it out of your backpack or find it in your Bible. (If you didn't have the chance in Bible study to choose one of the roles of the Spirit, take a second and read John 14:25-26 and John 16:5-13. Choose one of the roles the Spirit plays in our lives that you would like to focus on this week.)  

Got your card? Good. The only thing you're challenged to do today is to take a few minutes to pray that God would help you be aware of the Holy Spirit playing this role in your life. Tell God that even if it means some discomfort or a change in priorities, you want to be made aware of His presence in your life in this way. And make sure to thank Him that He chose to make His presence known in our lives.

Emily Traylor