Worship: Week 3 - Devotion 3

One aspect of our worship is to praise God for the great things He has done. Here are some scriptures about the great things of God:

  • He turned the desert into pools of waterand the parched ground into flowing springs;there he brought the hungry to live, and they founded a city where they could settle. - Psalm 107:35-36

  • But be sure to fearthe LORD and serve him faithfully with all your heart;considerwhat greatthings he has done for you. - 1 Samuel 12:24

  • Your righteousness reaches to the skies, O God, you who have done great things. Who, O God, is like you? - Psalm 71:19

  • The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. - Psalm 126:3

  • Be not afraid, O land; be glad and rejoice. Surely the LORD has done great things. - Joel 2:21


Now, take a few minutes to think about some of the great things God has done for you. Grab a journal or your note-taking app and make a list. Be sure to praise Him for all of these GREAT THINGS.

Emily Traylor