God's Word: Week 2 - Devotion 2

You don’t have to go far to find people who claim to be representing God. Whether it’s someone handing you a brochure at your front door or a spokesperson on television, lots of people claim to be representing God for various reasons, some good and some not so good. So how do you know what to believe and what not to believe?

Paul said to let everything you do or say be as a representative of Jesus Christ. Now since Jesus was God in human form and we have His teachings in our Bible, it would be logical to assume that the way to test if people are truly representing Christ is to see how well what they’re saying matches up with the Scriptures. Paul not only gave us a great way to live our lives, as a representative of Jesus, but he also gave us a sure-fire TRUTH TESTING TOOL when it comes to knowing what to believe.

So, what’s the next step?

·     Make knowing God’s Word a priority in your life. Find a way to study and learn more about the Bible.

·     Don’t just go along with what others say about God or the teachings in the Bible. Use your computer or study tools to do some research and make sure what you are hearing is biblical.

·     Learn to treasure mentors who are teaching you the truth in the Bible like your pastor, youth pastor, or Bible study leader.

Emily Traylor