Obedience: Week 1 - Devotion 3

Go outside today and push against your house with all of your might. If you are too embarrassed to go outside, close the door to your room and push against your wall with all of your might. Try a couple of times and see if you can push your house over, or even take your room down. Go ahead. We'll wait. 

Did it budge? Even if you were to put a hole in the wall, would you be able to take down the building? What do you think kept it from falling down?

The answer is most likely the foundation. All of the standing is about foundation. Even if you live in an apartment complex that large building needs an even more solid foundation. What if you are growing up in something that doesn't have a foundation? A tent might be easier to push around because it doesn't have something (more than little stakes in the ground) to keep it down.  

Obedience to God is kind of like the foundation that keeps our relationship with God close and keeps our life firm.

Grab a journal or your note-taking app. Write some words that help you know obedience to God is holding up your relationship with Him.  (An example might be. “Hope.” For you know as you obey God and follow His ways you understand how to have hope that He will take care of everything.)

Today when you are wondering if being obedient to God's commands is important to lean against a wall and think about why the whole building doesn't fall over in one push. Obedience is the foundation of your faith.


Emily Traylor