God's Mercy: Week 2 - Devotion 3

“Justice is getting what you deserve; mercy is not getting what you deserve.” - Stuart Briscoe

We get uneasy about receiving something we didn't earn and that we can't possibly justify. We don't like anyone having something on us. We don't like owing anyone. 

But we will never, ever, EVER, be able to show God that His mercy was well spent on us. There will always be a deficit. Mercy will always be just that: God’s kindness shown to us in the most remarkable way possible.

What is the right response? Praise. Worship. Obedience. Love. Joy. Thankfulness. All of these are right responses to grace. But the truth is that only you know. Because the best response to God's mercy is a life given over to Him. And only you can judge how much of you is His.

Why don't you consider that question today and tomorrow? Why don't you try and come up with what you think are some right responses to God's showering you with His mercy?

Emily Traylor