Evangelism: Week 1 - Devotion 1

“What is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?” -  Psalm 8:4

What are the things that most of your thoughts center around? Usually, the most consuming thoughts we have are about the things that are the most important to us. They can be of immediate importance like a test, or they can be of material significance like looking forward to a particular birthday present. Some of our most important things are relationships. Want an example? Think of the way you daydream about a crush you have.  

In Psalm 8 we catch a glimpse into the things that God values. And what we see is that He values us! (How awesome is that?)

Spend a minute or two and read all of Psalm 8. There are three main themes we can learn in this psalm. 1) God actually thinks about us. 2) When we grasp this, it should lead us to in turn think about God! (Which takes the shape of worship.) 3) God wants us to think about the role we play in the world. 

We are of utmost value to God. 

If we can get our head around this, then we can more fully worship God and be about His plan and purpose for the world.  

Think about this:

1.     Are you spending your time and energy going after things of value? Or are you wasting your energy on stuff that doesn’t have any value?

2.     Spend some time just thinking about God. What do you know about His character? Why do you love Him?

3.     Ask God to bring someone to your mind who needs your influence in his or her life. Who in your world needs to see God in and through you?

Emily Traylor