Suffering: Week 2 - Devotion 1

There are times when God uses His followers to comfort one another. In these times, we have the opportunity to demonstrate His nearness to others.  

How can you be used as a demonstration of God’s nearness this week to someone who is suffering? Spend a few minutes developing a game plan. Then set out this week to complete it. (Remember, success in this type of situation is determined by your obedience to listen to God’s call, not the person’s response.) 

  • Step 1: Identify - Who do you know that is suffering or dealing with a troubling time right now?

  • Step 2: Pray - Spend a few minutes praying that God would direct your steps.

  • Step 3: Action - What is your plan to show this person that God is near to them? How will you allow God to use you?

  • Step 4: Go! - Now it’s time to do what you’ve planned! Go out there and show the nearness and comfort of Christ to someone who needs it!

Emily Traylor