God's Righteousness: Week 1 - Devotion 3

Read this quote: 

“God is the only being who is good, and the standards are set by Him. Because God hates sin, He has to punish those guilty of sin. Maybe that's not an appealing standard. But to put it bluntly, when you get your own universe, you can make your own standards.” - Francis Chan

God hating sin and punishing those who sin (which would be all of us, in case you were wondering) isn’t a very popular idea in our world. But when you really think about it, if God doesn’t hate sin, if sin isn’t something that needs to be punished, then there’s no need for Jesus.

In your next Bible study session, you’re going to hear how Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection brings us from our being sinful rebels who ought to be punished by God to being declared righteous before God. It’s a crazy thing, and it’s only possible through Jesus.


Think about this: 

  • Why do you think people are uncomfortable with a God who hates sin and who punishes those who are guilty of sin? Does that kind of God make you uncomfortable?

  • Reread the quote from Francis Chan and write a paragraph in your journal responding to his statement. How does it make you feel? Do you agree? Do you disagree?

  • Spend at least five minutes in prayer simply confessing to God how you have rebelled against him through sin in the last week. End by thanking God that Jesus has taken the punishment you deserve on himself.

Emily Traylor