God's Righteousness: Week 2 - Devotion 3

Despite the fact that Jesus—and the rest of the Bible—is clear that Jesus earned our right standing before God so that we don't have to (which is a pretty good deal, since it's impossible for us to earn that), there are many people who believe that if they don't "clean up" their lives, they can't go to church, let alone have a relationship with God! These people only know half the story. Like all people, they have rebelled against God and deserve to be declared "guilty" for breaking His law. But they don't know the rest of the story: that Jesus died so that He could clothe us with His own righteousness. So, they just assume that they'll never be accepted by God because they know they can never measure up on their own.

Think of one person you know who fits the description you just read. 

Now, write a prayer in your journal asking God for an opportunity to let them know through Jesus and His work on the cross, that they can be accepted and declared righteous, no matter what they’ve done in their lives. For the next few days, repeat that prayer, and look for the opening that God will provide for you to be able to have a conversation with them about Jesus.

Emily Traylor