God's Righteousness: Week 3 - Devotion 2

“Where, then, is boasting? It is excluded.”- Romans 3:27 

Have you ever met someone who was good at something—and let everyone know it, too? There aren't many more annoying things than someone who wants all the attention to go to him or her. One of the temptations you may face as you commit to pursuing righteousness in your life is to look down on others who don't have the same desire as you. Or, you might hope that while God gets most of the glory, that people would think highly of you as well. 

Take a few minutes to read Romans 3:27-31. Then, memorize 3:27 (either the full verse or just the portion that's quoted above). Let that verse be your prayer this week as you pursue righteousness. It will help you remember that even as God helps us glorify Him by pursuing righteousness, we have no room to brag or boast; we were all dead in our tracks without Him.

Emily Traylor