God's Righteousness: Week 1 - Devotion 1

Grab your journal or a piece of paper (and make sure you have something to write with).

Make a list of ten things in this world that are good. They can be anything you consider good: a friendship, your favorite sport, etc. 

James—who also happened to be Jesus' brother—wrote a letter to a group of Christians who were having a difficult time because they were being persecuted for their faith. As you can imagine, they struggled with the fact that bad things were happening to them, even though they were trying to follow Jesus faithfully.

Grab your Bible and read James 1:16-18. You might never have been persecuted for following Jesus, but there may have been times in your life when you struggled with the fact that things in life were difficult, hurtful, and sad, even though you were trying to follow Jesus faithfully. During those times, it can be difficult to remember that God is perfectly good. That's why during tough times, it's important to intentionally recall God's goodness toward us, even in a world that seems broken.


Think about this: 

  • Read the list of good things that you wrote down at the beginning of your devotion. When things are difficult in your life, or bad things happen, is it hard to remember good things in life?

  • Have you ever asked God, “God, I’m trying to follow you; why are bad things happening in my life?” If so, journal about one of those times in your life.


Finish your devotional time by saying a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the good things that are on your list. If you feel comfortable, say it out loud, such as, “God, thank you for ______________________________. You are good. God, thank you for ______________________________. You are good.”

Emily Traylor