Spiritual Gifts: Week 1 - Devotion 3

In Jesus’ last words to His disciples, He called them to “Go” (Matthew 28:18) and be about His work in the world. Jesus knew that His followers would have busy lives and schedules, yet He did not command them to back down on their activities. He wanted them to use their “going” as a time to look for ways to be about His Kingdom work.

Spend a few moments thinking about several people that you know you’ll run into today that God may be calling you to encourage.

Who is a friend who doesn’t have a relationship with God who needs to see the love of God working in and through you? 

Who is one adult you can encourage through kindness and respect today?

Is there an acquaintance (not necessarily a “friend, but just someone you kind of know) that God has put on your heart?

Emily Traylor