Humility: Week 2 - Devotion 1

“The greatest among you shall be your servant. Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.” - Matthew 23:11-12 

If you told your friends at school that your family had a “servant” in your household, they probably wouldn’t respond well. In fact, they might respond very negatively, and justifiably so! There is plenty in America’s history for us to be pessimistic and suspicious about the idea of being a “servant.” But the idea of servanthood hasn’t always been negative. In fact, calling yourself the servant of a great lord or lady was often a status symbol in ancient cultures. It was also used as a means of declaring allegiance to a person or idea. 

But history isn’t the only reason we scoff at the idea of servanthood. Ultimately, servants do not receive the credit. Or at least that is the way it works in the world. But when we look at Jesus’ statement about servants in Matthew 23, a different light is shed on the idea of servanthood. Jesus says that in his kingdom, the servant is he who is the greatest! 

Often we think of servanthood as stooping down to a low position to do something demeaning, but this is not the case. Servanthood in the kingdom of God is the action produced by humility. And Jesus is clear about what God does for those who are humble: they are exalted as Jesus is exalted. What an awesome assurance! 

Don’t frown upon your calling as a servant. Instead, be the kind of servant who humbles yourself not because you have no value, but because you know the infinite value and glory of your master and seeks to be recognized by who you serve. 


Think About This:

·     What are some things that make servanthood extremely difficult in the world we live in? 

·     What are some daily disciplines that we can practice that will cultivate humility in our hearts? 

·     How do we as servants of God exemplify the glory of Jesus through a servanthood lifestyle? What are some ways that you can serve God for His purposes in the world? 

Emily Traylor