Humility: Week 2 - Devotion 2

Think about people who have served you in the last week. Think about your parents, teachers, and workers at church who have given sacrificially for your benefit and growth.

Take a moment and use your journal or the note-taking app on your phone to write some of the names of those people.

Now spend some time writing notes and thanking them for their humility and sacrificial service to you as a person. Thank them for how God has used them to encourage you and teach you to serve humbly. Take the time needed to write meaningful notes to these individuals.

Once you have written 2-3 notes, write a prayer asking God to open your eyes to areas of pride in your own life and ask that He would challenge you to live humbly and sacrificially like these people. Make sure you deliver your notes to those who have inspired you.

Emily Traylor