Knowing God: Week 1 - Devotion 1

“Then I will dwell among the Israelites and be their God.” - Exodus 29:45

Is God real? Can we really know God? The only way for us to know God is through Him revealing Himself to us. We can see who He is by seeing what He has done for others in the past through His Word and by experiencing Him working in our own lives. Knowing God gives us strength when we are faced with people who question God’s existence or challenge us when we try to share our faith. People can argue theories and ideas, but they cannot argue with someone who truly knows God because he or she has experienced Him personally. 

In your Bible study lesson from this week, you probably talked some about the importance of knowing God personally instead of merely hearing about experiences others have had with Him. Your challenge for today is to continue to wrestle with the question that came at the end of this week’s lesson: 

Have I personally experienced God, or am I simply living off of my parents’ faith?

Spend some time today considering your thoughts on that question. Think about it as you drive around in your car, or between classes at school. Don’t be too quick to answer. The question is pretty important.


Emily Traylor