Prayer: Week 1 - Devotion 3

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” - Psalm 19:1

It’s easy to treat God like a genie. Even though we know that God is so much more than that, it’s easy for most of our prayers to simply be about asking God for help when we find ourselves in trouble.  

The good news is that us asking God for help highlights the fact that we actually need God and that He is someone who can help us. However, as we build a friendship with God, we want to transition our prayers from simply asking for things, but to also affirming God's goodness. 

Read Psalm 19. David affirms God creative and mighty power as seen in Creation. Remember the last time you were outside on a starry night, or along a river's edge, or at the beach? God made those things, and that beauty reflects the character of God.

The more we love and trust God’s character, the easier it will be to embrace his laws.

After David's poetic affirmation of God and his glory, he naturally transitions into a reflection on God's word. And we see four themes as David embraces God's word:

  • The Word of God is perfect and good for the soul. (vs 7-9)

  • The Word of God is of highest value. (vs 10-11)

  • The Word of God reveals our errors. (vs 12-13)

  • When the Word of God becomes our words, it is pleasing to God. (vs 14)

Think about this: 

  • When have you been in awe of God’s glory through creation?

  • Why do you think David had such a high view of God’s word?  How would you describe your view of God’s word?

  • How can verse 14 be true for you today?

Emily Traylor