Knowing God: Week 2 - Devotion 2

In Hebrews 1:1-3, we saw the power of the Gospel, which Jesus who was powerful, great, and God came and took our place. He became sin so that we can become like Him.

The problem is that many times we as Christians think that we are to try our best to follow Jesus by looking to Him as our example. Several years ago, there was a Christian fad of bracelets called “WWJD,” which stood for “What Would Jesus Do?” This was the question you were supposed to ask before you did something. The problem with all of this is that we are not God and we cannot perfectly live like Jesus – that is why He came and took our place on the cross. 

So how does living for Jesus work?

Turn in your Bible to Ephesians 2:10 and read the verse. It says that we are Jesus’ “workmanship” and that we were created for good works. “Workmanship” is a weird word to us, but in the Greek, it means “poem.” We are God’s artistic expression on the world. God is making broken people like us into beautiful works of art that point people to His power to change a life.

Following Jesus is a lot less about wondering what Jesus would do and a lot more about surrendering your life to Jesus as He makes you into an artistic expression of the beauty of His Gospel to a watching world.


Think about this: 

  • Come up with a few ways this practically fleshes itself out in your world.

  • Commit to living out this truth today in your life.

Emily Traylor