Discipleship Classes


Mid-Week Discipleship Classes

Discipleship Classes begin March 13. Most classes are on Wednesday night at 6 on our Jackson Campus unless otherwise stated.

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Dr. Jett’s Bible Study
Leader: Dr. Phil Jett // Room: JFC 106/107 // Cost: Free
Description: Join our Pastor Emeritus, Dr. Phil Jett, for Bible Study.

Parallels of Ancient Israel and Modern America
Leader: Linn Stranak // Room: WC 117 // Cost: Free
Description: What commonalities do we see between ancient Israel and modern America? Is America mirroring their same path? We invite you to join Dr. Stranak as he searches the Scriptures to find the answers to these and other relevant questions.

Financial Peace
Leaders: Don Pafford & Eddie Sidwell // Room:  WEB 204
Description: Biblically based, common sense education and empowerment, which gives HOPE to everyone from the financially secure to the financially distressed.

Divorce Care
Jacky & Tommie Campbell // Room: WC 115 // Cost: $15
Description: Divorce Care is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. Don’t go through separation or divorce alone.

Rooted 101: A Transformed Life
Leader: Jay Cashion // Room: WEB 200 // Cost: Free
Description:  This 5-week class is designed to be one of the first steps of your faith journey. We will take you through some of the foundational truths of the Christian faith and help guide you along the path of a dynamic, faith-filled walk with Christ! New believers and all those who would like to brush up on the basics are invited.


Men of Armor
Frank Palmer
Truly Free 
Author: Robert Morris // Room: Annex 100 // Cost: $5
Description:  Robert Morris invites us into a glorious truth - that the promise of being set free from the slavery of sin is a promise to be set free, completely.


Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday Night Studies

No Other Gods
Kelly Minter
Leader: Monda King // Room: The Hub at the Inn // Date/Time: Monday @ 9:30 am // Cost: $13
Often, idols are obvious - money, power, fame. But subtler idols can sometimes take the form of sweet loved ones, Instagramable interiors, and busy seasons of ministry. But if your heart is prioritizing any of those pursuits before God, they are taking up space meant for Him alone.

Come to the Water 
Carol Bivens & Marketia Jenkins // Room: The Hub at the Inn // Date/Time: Tuesday @ 10 am // Cost:  Free
Description: Join us each week for a deeper look at God’s Word. 

Proven - Beginning March 12
Author: Jennie Allen
Leader: Melody Kelly // Room: WEB 130 // Date/Time: Tuesday @ 6:30 pm // Cost: $13
Description: In Jennie Allen’s study, she walks participants through the gospel of John showing them that they have nothing to prove because Jesus has already proven everything and He is enough.

Wednesday Studies

iMOM  - 9:30 am 
Leaders: Lanae Hedstrom // Room: JFC 101 // Cost: $16
iMOM is a Bible Study/Mentorship group that exists to help moms find FREEDOM in who they are, and what their purpose is.  It’s a group for moms of all ages with kids of all ages. Offers time for fellowship, Bible Study, ask a mentor, craft, and time to just relax. The group will be working through the study by Paul David Tripp, Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles.

It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way
 Lysa TerKeurst
Leader: Kippi Jordan // Room: WEB 203 // Cost: $8
 Life often looks so very different than we hoped or expected. Some events may simply catch us off guard for a moment, but others shatter us completely. We feel disappointed and disillusioned, and we quietly start to wonder about the reality of God’s goodness.

Priscilla Shirer
Leader: Kristie King //Room: WEB 130// Cost: $10
One of the greatest challenges among women in our culture is taking time to stop and cease from all the activities and busyness and just breathe. We are in bondage to busyness. It is time for us to build margin into our lives for God. If you are weary, worn out, and exhausted, the concept of Sabbath will change your life.


The Book of Mark
 Precept Upon Precept
Leader: Stephanie Kail // Cost: $15
Description: The most important question you will ever answer is this: Who do you believe Jesus Christ is? With all the opinions floating around – He’s a good man, a teacher, a prophet, the Son of God – how can you know who is right? Mark’s account of Jesus’ life gives you the answer, and it is more action-packed and fast-paced than the other three Gospel records. Rather than rehearsing what people said about Jesus, Mark shows you what Jesus actually did. As you learn to carefully observe Mark's report, you’ll discover that Jesus left no doubt about who He claimed to be. His miracles demonstrated His authority over sickness and infirmity, spiritual darkness, dead religion, threats from nature, and even death itself.

 Angie Smith
Leader: Cherie Smith and Kelly Buck // Cost: $13
Description: Seamless covers the people, places and promises of the Bible, tying them together into the greater story of Scripture. Participants will gain an overarching understanding of the fundamental layout and meaning of God's Word. Seamless helps replace insecurity that holds participants back with clarity and helping them move forward with confidence in their understanding of Scripture. Each week of study features key information that ties all of scripture together into the seamless truth of the gospel message and is accompanied by maps, general Bible facts, and word studies.

Jennie Allen
Leader: Jennifer McClure and Gabbie Emerson //Cost: $8
Description: Bible study teacher and author Jennie Allen helps you discover a practical plan to identify the threads of your life and how to intentionally weave them together for God's glory and purposes.


This group will meet at the North Campus on Wednesday nights starting at 6 p.m.
Led by Mike Seals, Tosh Newman, Phillip Kemper, and Tony Parsons


No Discipleship Classes available at this time. Check back soon!