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Update #6

June 5, 2019

Greetings from your Pastor Search Committee!

First, we want to thank you for your support in our recent request for a special week of prayer and fasting.  It made a huge difference!  Also, thanks to all of you who have been following our prayer guide (as found on the website) as we have journeyed together through this process. For example, we asked you to pray for powerful unity and oneness of spirit within the team (Amos 3:3 and Matthew 18:19). God has answered that prayer as the team has moved forward in the process united every step of the way.  It is hard to imagine 13 Baptists can agree on anything, but God has made it happen!

Secondly, our team has been blessed by the incredible candidates we have encountered through this process.  It is such a great encouragement to see how many godly, talented, intelligent, and gifted men God has called to be pastors.  Only one of these outstanding candidates will be called to be our new pastor but there is no doubt the other candidates will be a great blessing where they are currently serving or where they may serve in the future. We thank God for these men who are faithful to their calling.

Finally, the committee is moving forward toward completion of our task.  The scope of the search is narrowing and becoming more focused.  We covet your fervent prayers in asking that God speak clearly to our team and the man who is to be our next pastor.

As a team we are thankful for this opportunity to serve.

Emily Traylor