Common Questions for the 2020 Vision: Phase 2

1) Why are we having a second phase for the vision and campaign?
In our original campaign, we asked for $7,500,000 to increase our mission work and expand our main campus facilities.  Our church committed $2,400,000 and we will raise approximately $1,900,000, which we used to begin our additional mission work, launch our North Campus and complete the renovation of the Inn to support our growth.  Phase 2 will allow us to continue our mission work, build a facility for our North Campus and improve security for our children and preschoolers while improving the flow of people around our current Worship Center.

2) How will money raised in Phase 2 be used?
Funds committed and raised in Phase 2 will first be used to honor our financial commitments to the church plants we support, continue to translate Bible stories and scripture to reach the Za Za people in Turkey and Europe. Next, we want to build a suitable building to support the expansive growth of our North Campus in Gibson County, and last to build a gathering space on the North side of our main campus Worship Center to enhance security for our Kid’s space and relieve pressure on our current hallways.

3) What will happen to our Senior Adult and Handicap parking when the new Gathering spacing is built?
We will replace these spaces and they will be right next to the new space to improve access and safety for our Senior Adults and anyone that needs our Handicap spaces.

4) How will the renovations at the Inn be used for our church?
We will open the Inn for a ribbon cutting and walk thru on Vision Sunday, November 6th at 5:30 for you to see the space.  There will be a large space to accommodate our growing College and Young Adults Ministry that will seat 350 people and can also be used as a banquet space for all our ministries that will accommodate up to 200.  There will also be another large room that will seat 125 and other smaller spaces to accommodate Bible Study groups and meetings.  There will be office space for our Global Missions staff and a large coffee shop called the “Refill” to serve our staff and members with a place to relax and refresh.  We are proud that this space will also be available 24 hours a day for our local law enforcement and other first responders to show our appreciation for their dedication to our community.

5) When will start construction on the North Campus facility?  
Our plan is to begin site work on the lot as early as December 2016 and begin construction as soon as weather permits in order to be in the building by December 2017.

6) Can furnishings and equipment at the current North Campus can be moved and re-used in the new facility?
Yes, we designed the furnishings and technical equipment to be used in a new facility as a way to save money as the transition occurs.

7) What about the new East Campus?
The East Campus is our hub for Local Missions and will be developed to serve our members and the community that live in or near the area.  This facility will be used for “Room at the Inn” through our relationship with Area Relief Ministries, as well as enhancing our Mission Jackson Ministry.  

8) When will our church be debt free?
That is a very good question.  Our goal is to be debt free by the end of this campaign, but a lot of that depends on the participation of our members.  Our current debt is approximately $1,300,000 and will be retired through our annual budget by the end of our 2020 budget year.  If we raise the $3,900,000 needed for this campaign, we can complete the projects without additional debt.

9) What if I have not met my original commitment to the original campaign?
We ask that you prayerfully consider this and if you are able, please honor that commitment.  However, because we modified our plans after the first commitment, Phase 2 will be a new campaign, so please consider how you can support Phase 2 so that we can complete the Twenty-Twenty Vision for our church.

10) How can I get more information about the Twenty-Twenty Vision?
There will be a Town Hall Meeting on Sunday night, November 6th following the evening service in the Chapel to hear more about the vision.  You may also go to our website at ebcjackson.org or by contacting our church office at 668-1094.