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"We are foreigners. This land is not our home. We belong to a different place. We belong for our King, the LORD God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth. This is who we are and this is how we live—as sojourners. 

The word sojourn means a temporary stay. As college students and young professionals, this is the season of life we find ourselves in: temporary. Whether it is because of school, a brand-new job in a new city or a new season of life, we sojourn moving from one chapter to another. 

So, we run with endurance toward the ultimate prize, Jesus Christ, knowing regular community among fellow believers is vital and crucial for encouragement, accountability and sharpening of the faith. This is the heart of the Sojourn ministry. To God be the glory."

On Going Events


Sojourn - Midweek
Wednesdays | 7:37 PM | The Inn
A time to join in worship, study of the Word, and community. We will also take the LORD's supper throughout the year and have nights of worship.

Thursdays | 6:30 PM | Young Professionals
Our Young Professionals meet during the week at a local house where we have dinner, worship and fellowship. 


 Sojourn - Sunday Small Groups

Sundays | 11 AM | The Inn

Young Pro
Sundays | 9:30 AM | JFC 103


Upcoming Events


Sojourn Leadership

Cody Finch College and Young Professionals Minister Email

Cody Finch
College and Young Professionals Minister

Mack Burns Associate Worship Leader Email

Mack Burns
Associate Worship Leader



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