We are foreigners. This land is not our home. We belong to a different place. We belong for our King, the LORD God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth. This is who we are and this is how we live—as sojourners. 

The word sojourn means a temporary stay. As college students this is the season of life we find ourselves in: temporary. Whether it is because of school or a new season of life, we sojourn moving from one chapter to another. 

We believe that just because this season may be temporary doesn't mean it can't be deeply transformative and meaningful to the rest of our lives. In light of this truth, the heart of the college ministry is to help college students know God, be fully known by others, and make Christ known.

Ongoing Events

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Fall 2019 Sermon Series: 2 Timothy

Sojourn | Wednesdays at 7:27 PM | Back of the Inn
Sojourn is held at the back of the Inn and is a great time for college students to gather together to worship and to learn new truths about the God of the Bible. 

Huddles | Throughout the week
A huddle is a life-on-life discipleship group where students focus on being known and learn to listen and respond to the voice of God. Each group meets at different times and locations throughout the week, but they all share one mission: to make Christ known. If you'd like to get plugged in contact Travis Jones.

Upcoming Events


College Leadership

Travis Jones College & Young Professionals Minister  Email

Travis Jones
College & Young Professionals Minister

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Mack Burns
Associate Worship Leader



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