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At Englewood we want to pursue God in our worship - to delight in Him.  We strive to keep our worship Christ-centered and cross-focused.  Worship is a lifestyle and as one commentator says, "everything we do should be governed by one goal--to see Jesus Christ praised, exalted, magnified, lifted up, and obeyed."  We hope you join us in this goal of lifting up the name of Jesus.


This is a great resource for anyone looking for more info on our music. You can find the song titles, the artists who wrote the song, a video of it being performed, and a link to purchase it in iTunes.  

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Wednesday Rehearsal | 6 - 7:15 pm | Worship Center
Sunday Rehearsal | 5 - 6:15 pm | The Chapel
The Englewood Choir leads worship in all of our Sunday services. They also are integral in leading our Worship Nights throughout the year. This passionate group of worshipers come from all walks of life and every experience level. This is more than a choir but also a ministry group where we sing, love, pray for, and of course eat together. Rehearsal is on Wednesday night at 6 pm in the Worship Center. We hope that you will join us as we seek to make His glorious. 


Wednesday | 5 - 6 pm | Worship Center
The Englewood Band & Orchestra accompany all of our Sunday services. The rhythm section of guitars, drums, bass, and keys are open by audition to any member of Englewood. The orchestra of brass, woodwind, and string players is open to all Englewood instrumentalists from 8th grade through adult.